Thank you for your interest in More is Available and the coaching and consulting services I offer. This web site was designed to provide a glimpse into my mind, heart and world, and give you a sense of the products and services that I provide.  Should any questions remain after strolling through the site, please ask away!  ~Wendy L. Yost


Why I do the work I do…

It brings me tremendous joy to get to help others be, do and have their best.

Here are some of the specific things that I enjoy about working with individuals and organizations to achieve desired outcomes:

  • Seeing a shift in perspective occur right in front of me that allows for more to be available than in the instant before it.
  • Being a detective for what works in a client’s life and then working together to expand those realms of success into the area of their life that they most desire change.
  • Helping clients reach desired outcomes more quickly and with greater ease than they have been able to achieve on their own.
  • Knowing that future change will come more easily for clients after having worked together.
  • Seeing how shifts in thinking can change entire lives and organizations.
  • Getting to learn and grow along-side each client or organization that I am blessed to work with.
  • Sharing in the celebration when desired outcomes become realities.


In working with Wendy, I found a person with amazing insight and genuine compassion. She listens with understanding, assists a person in recognizing their life or work obstacles, and guides them to see for themselves the realm of their own wonderful possibilities.
Jim Dodson, Owner
Romancing the Past Bed & Breakfast

Wendy was a valuable part of my time in college. I’ll never forget Wendy and her positive way of viewing every obstacle as a lesson to learn more about yourself.
J. Meindertsma, Teacher/Artist

When I approached Wendy for guidance related to a professional project, I felt overwhelmed and was unsure of how to put all of the pieces together to ensure successful results. She helped me to gain perspective and empowered me to reach far beyond the walls of my comfort zone. In the end, my project was successful and continues to be in demand.
Brenda Daitch, M.S.

Wendy helped me confront a difficult situation where all parties came away with a sense of fairness and peace. Without her help, I know things would have been quite explosive. Wendy does not let me get away with excuses and complaints. She helps me clear away the clutter to help me be who I say I want to be.
Tracy Hand, Entrepreneur