101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career

I am thrilled to share that I co-authored a book titled 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career, a compilation of 101 quick reads over-flowing with practical, easy to implement advice on taking aligned action to improve your career.

In my chapter, The Art of Cultivating Professional References, I share my CONNECT Model for maximizing existing relationships to help navigate job transitions more quickly, easily and purposefully.  And to position yourself differently within competitive job markets.

This book was created by David and Michelle Riklan, the founders of the #1 Self Improvement web site in the world, SelfGrowth.com.  They tapped into the minds of a variety of career experts and pulled together a complete collection of 101 insider secrets that show you how to instantly and positively enhance your career.

David and Michelle bundled the book with a variety of powerful life and career-enhancing tools. They call them “bonus gifts,” and have created a package of $1,500 worth of absolutely free gifts that you get just by purchasing one copy of our book.

I even offered up a bonus myself (#8 – My Career Success Strategies Audio Program!), as you will see when you scroll through the added gifts you receive when you purchase a copy of the book.

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