Marketing Your Services to Universities

Want to get repeat clients and be invited back for more work?

If you're like many coaches and helping professionals, it can get really tiring having "one and done" clients and constantly marketing and selling yourself to each individual client.

As one of the contributors to the book The Coaching Code, my chapter focuses on how you can market to local universities and colleges -- and start creating consistent income so you can leave your "day job" support by a steady stream of clients.

My work at the State University of California, Northridge and dozens of other nearby universities has been a steady source of income for me over the years.

It's given me expertise into the effective ways to develop relationships with academic departments and campus organizations - so YOU can cut through the red tape faster.

I really don't think enough coaches realize the potential and possibility of this source of new clients and income, and I want to bridge that gap. 

So I've coupled The Coaching Code book with a (75) minute Marketing to Universities Session with me. 

Through the book and your coaching session, you'll deepen your clarity and understanding as we tailor these strategies to YOUR specific goals.

  • Be invited back for more work year after year
  • Tailor the quote and invoice to the department you're working with
  • Make word of mouth work for you when you do a great job
  • Plan your marketing around specific campus events and themes
  • Constant and never-ending exposure to new potential clients with a new class of students every year

Register here for your Marketing to Universities Session for just $297 and

get immediate access to the electronic version of the book!

You will receive:

* Immediate access to the E-Book of The Coaching Code so you can read the chapter, Marketing Your Coaching Services to Colleges & Universities, and any other chapters that stand out, to get your idea wheels spinning on the many ways you can expand your reach and create new channels of coaching income.

* A 75 minute Marketing to Universities Session with Wendy

We will develop a tailored plan to bring the services you most enjoy providing to the departments on university campuses that could best be served by you.

We will meet via phone, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

* A printed, personalized and signed copy of The Coaching Code book.

* Access to a comprehensive Online Library from which you can borrow and adapt language that's time tested and proven to work -- instead of starting from scratch or wasting time figuring it out on your own.

  • Sample contracts
  • Risk management forms
  • Quotes and invoices

* PLUS a bonus PDF on how to stay present in the hearts and minds of your campus clients, so they invite you back again and again!

Register here for your Marketing to Universities Session for just $297

get immediate access to the electronic version of the book!

About Wendy:

Wendy L. Yost has secured hundreds of contracts as a coach and consultant, partnering with over 100 departments across dozens of college campuses.

She gained extensive experience managing partnerships with colleges and universities in the United States and Canada while working for a collegiate marketing company.

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