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Weaving best practices from my backgrounds in business, higher education, partnership and practical spirituality, I assist clients in achieving desired results more quickly, easily and enjoyably — no matter the end game they’re after.

Because I work in the realm of principle, once we hone in on what it is that you are truly after, the pathway to get there is paved by principle.  And that’s something you can rely on again and again, and utilize in different arenas of your life.

In fact, a favorite thing I often to hear from clients is that they used something from a session where we focused on one area of their life to completely transform an entirely different area of their life.  It’s like the difference between learning to ride a bike and learning the distinction of balance.  Once you have balance, it can help you can ride a bike, a skateboard, rollerskate or even surf. 

What you can expect:

When coaching, I partner with clients to work through the following steps to transform a targeted area of their lives:

  • Assess desired outcomes (what you think you want)
  • Refine desired outcomes (what you actually want, that is hiding just beneath the surface of what you say you want)
  • Formulate possibilities (based on the future you are creating vs. how it could be based on past reference points)
  • Determine next steps (AND the most important, one next step)
  • Engage available resources (you have more of these at your disposal than you can possibly imagine!)
  • Troubleshoot barriers and obstacles (they’re there, some are real, some are imagined, we deal with them all)
  • Celebrate successes (ta da, woohoo, yippee, yahoo, and even the occasional hallelujah!)

I offer a wide range of coaching services all of which are tailored to meet individual and organizational needs including: Individual Coaching, Group Coaching and Spot Coaching.

Many of the individual clients I work with are: Artists, Business Owners, College Students and Parents of College Students, Holistic Practitioners, and Individuals contending with unexpected change or desiring profound change.

I welcome the opportunity to learn about the area of your life that you want to transform and discuss how we can partner to make it a reality. 

There are the changes we seek and there are the changes we find ourselves in, I am no stranger to the latter — so be it divorce, job loss, or any other significant life change, I can assist you with that as well.

If fact, helping you see how the very hardest thing that you’ve ever dealt with actually contains within it exactly what will reshape your life in the most powerful way possible is a specialty of mine.  I know it because I’ve lived it!  And I learned some stuff along the way that I would love to share with you to smooth your way.

In addition to individual coaching, corporate coaching programs are also available. Organizations typically provide employees with access to a coach as a way to reinforce organizational objectives, support organizational change and build organizational capacity by providing assistance with personal/professional challenges and/or addressing issues being dealt with via progressive discipline.

Proximity is not an issue for most coaching. As a point of reference, I worked with a client to assist him in determining his dream job and then landing it on his first attempt entirely via phone and email + I’ve clocked over 1,000 hours of Executive Coaching predominantly over the phone.  So if you happen to be in Southern California, great!  We can initially meet in person.  Yet if not, no worries — there are ways for us to meaningfully connect and forge a powerful partnership virtually.


Please use the buttons below to select your purchase.  All rates listed here are individual coaching rates. Corporate Coaching Packages are differently structured and priced, please email for details.

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Through working with Wendy, I was able to bring my business to a new level. She gave me strategies and techniques that enabled me to offer more services to clients and to charge what I am worth for those services.
M.C., Consultant

I turn to Wendy for a truly fresh insight into my own feelings, or to help me craft a new paradigm for a professional challenge I face. She has always helped me to see things from a different perspective that is empowering and one which seems to reveal a greater wisdom than I could come to on my own. She leaves me feeling ready for the next steps I need to take.
Tom Piernik, Director Student Development and International Programs Cal State Northridge

Wendy taught me how to stop waiting for opportunities to fall into my lap and start taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to me. Through working with Wendy I learned to seek out and utilize all of the resources (personal, professional, and educational) at my disposal, and it has made a tremendous difference in my life. She is a phenomenal mentor and advisor.
Allison Parker, Teacher